Among the Sleep is a first-person survival horror game created by indie developer Krillbite Studio. The original game was released in 2014. In 2017, Among the Sleep - Enhanced Edition was released with improved visuals, gameplay and previously cut content.

The game is unique for its protagonist, who is a toddler exploring a dark, surreal world.




The game starts out with you, The Toddler, drinking milk. The mo finishes frosting the cake, and announces that it's your 2nd Birthday. A knock on the door interrupts your mom feeding you cake. She yells at someone at the door, and slams it angrily. She comes back with a present. She takes you to your room, and shows you a peek at the present, but closes it when her phone rings. She leaves you. You sneak out of the playpen, and find a teddy bear in a chest. After a series of tasks, he asks you to go into the closet. You then go through a scary experience. Your mom opens the closet, and sings you to bed.

House Edit

You awaken to find the teddy gone, and the crib flipped over. You find the teddy bear, and he prompts you to find your mother. When you reach her room, She isn't there, and something tries to get in the room. You walk through the house and are confronted by a monster. You find your moms necklace in the basement, and go the playhouse, where you put the first memory in the machine.