AuSable is an indie jump-&-run horror game by Amon26. It is similar to All of Our Friends Are Dead, but with some improvement.

Developer Amon26
Release 2009
Engine Game Maker
Platform Windows
Developer's Website

AuSable Picture


You are using [A] and [D] to move left and right. With [W] you can jump. With your mouse you are aiming and firing your characters gun. [F5] you save your game and with [F8] you load it. You will need those two here a lot as well. There are two red eyes which follow and help you to get ahead in the game.


You are taking the role of a young red-haired woman, who fights her way through hell-like woods in order to find a person called Harmonia. Like in ‘All of Our Friends Are Dead’ you have to battle against monsters, but the difference is that the story is more visible.


You are playing as a young red-haired woman.


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