Cry of Fear is a first-person survival horror game on Valve's goldsrc engine.

Developer Team Psykskallar
Release 2012
Engine Goldsrc
Platform Windows
Developer's Website


Standard first-person controls. [WASD] to move, [SPACE] to jump, [CTRL] to crouch, [SHIFT] to sprint, [LEFT MOUSE BUTTON] to fire OR use the item in the left hand, [RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON] to look down the iron sights OR use the item in the right hand, [R] to reload, and [TAB] to bring up the inventory.

Gameplay consists of killing enemies and occasionally solving puzzles. Unlike other goldsrc game modifications, Cry of Fear uses a slot-based inventory system; the player has 6 slots in their inventory, and the player must manage what items they will take and what items they will leave behind.


The player plays as 19 year-old Simon Henriksson, who must find his way home through a city and other environments, fighting monstrous humanoid, and other not-so-humanoid, enemies along the way. Clues as to what is causing these events are given in the form of flashbacks throughout the game.